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Regardless of the competition, and as I have written before, I think that Kangaweb is the most professional, reliable, thoughtful web host on the internet. I have always been so impressed with the staff and their services, and I have recommended Kangaweb to anyone that needs a web host.

Thanks so much for bothering to offer things for everyone, not just the techs but also the average person who just wants to have their own page as a hobby. You make it very fun and very easy for people like me!

It is obvious that there are compassionate human beings involved with your company - so many times when you deal with companies on the net, you have to wait so long even for a reply, and you get the feeling that they just don't care. Kangaweb is one of the few places where you don't get the horrible feeling of being ignored or ripped-off - it's such a pleasure to have you around.

The service offered by Kangaweb has been very good. I have always received speedy responses.

Kangaweb is the best hosting service I have used so far, after being on the web actively using hosting services since 1998. Since I first hosted a website at Kangaweb, I have been recommending it to all my clients, especially for the server reliability, configuration and extensive help and assistance provided through the Workshop and Control Panel.

Overall, I think your service is first class.

I have watched Kanga evolve from Very Good with some neat features, to Most Excellent with Superb Features. Support, of course, has always been excellent and responsive.

I have been very impressed with Kangaweb Technologies over the past year. I have heard many of my business colleagues complain about their website hosting companies and I have been able to recommend your company with confidence. Keep up the good work.

Kangaweb has been EXCELLENT since I have been using them! Well Done.

You're always prompt with queries and very courteous - this is much appreciated when asking many questions!

You folks truly rock. Thank you all for everything you do.

I am always pleased with your customer support. Response times are great and the problem is always resolved the first time.

I've always been really happy with your service and have put several other people onto using you.

I think you attempt to run a very efficient and friendly service in an industry that doesn't give much back ...so congratulations. You were highly recommended when I took on your service, and am pleased to do the same.

You are just the best!

Delighted with Kangaweb! Thanks for the great service.

I have used over 20 different IPPs, yours is the best service I've found so far.

I have not had a single problem with your service.

I really like the customer support I've received, it's always quick and useful. The people who write the emails are polite and don't treat me like a tech-idiot like most hosting services do. Whoever/wherever they are, you've got great staff!

I am a web designer and have almost all my clients with Kangaweb. It's the best I've found and I'm thoroughly satisfied. Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

Thank you again for your prompt replies to our queries. You have the most efficient customer service we have ever encountered. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

What can I say.... the best service on the net!

As this is my first attempt at publishing a web page you and your whole company have been more than helpful. In fact your service and technical knowledge have been better than anything else I've seen in quite some time, and as I am a chartered accountant working as an external auditor for a large multinational firm, I see the performance of a lot of top companies every day.


Apologies if I ramble on about your service but these days it's unusual to find ANYONE that seems to share ANY commitment to quality and/or service.

I would like to inform everybody at KangaWeb just how impressed I am with the efficiency and quality of your hosting service. Following the most efficient email support I have ever had in five years of internet use, I am now signed up only to find it gets better. Your whole setup is outstandingly simple to use, yet looks very powerful.

You guys rock! Your service is quick, friendly and affordable.

Thanks again for your patience, as ever the KangaWeb customer support is flawless.

I can not believe how helpful KangaWeb is. Thankyou very much for your continuous support.

Let me say that I only have praise for KangaWeb and all who work there. Thankyou for a great service.

Once again, KangaWeb's support team have stunned me with the speed and helpfulness of their reply. And it's the day before Xmas eve!

As usual, you guys rock. Thank you!

KangaWeb has consistently provided me with the best support I have ever had from a web host.

We love your support systems as well as your blow away prices!

I'm not big on praise so it's unusual for me to make comments like this: the service I get from kangaweb is outstanding. There are few companies that I rave about as much as you guys. If it wasn't for your continuing support I would not have been able to achieve as much as I have on the web.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your help and professional service.

KangaWeb just keeps getting better and better, with excellent new services!

Kangaweb is an EXCELLENT SERVICE! As a web designer and publisher for over 20 years this company ROCKS for speed of responsiveness, support, technical knowhow and value for money!

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