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Your online systems need to be robust and secure. If the job is not done right, your systems may create more problems than they solve. Our experts have decades of experience in web development, web design and Internet server administration. We are well placed to deliver quality systems on time and within budget.

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Any Project - Simple or Complex

Our developers are seasoned professionals who can harness a wide range of technologies to complete your projects. We build beautiful modern front-end interfaces and well-structured, secure, efficient back-end systems.

We will give you multiple pricing options so you can pick a solution within your budget.

No two projects are the same so please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to tailor a solution to your needs.

Kangaweb, Web Hosting, Web Development, Web Maintenance

PHP Development

PHP is the world's most popular scripting language for websites and web applications. Our PHP experts can accelerate your projects using coding frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend Framework, FuelPHP and others. If you prefer, we'll build your system from scratch without a framework. We can integrate any database (e.g. MySQL/MariaDB, PostreSQL, MS SQL), any payment gateway, any API and any third party systems you wish. We'll build a robust core with all the features, bells and whistles you need.

Kangaweb, Web Hosting, Web Development, Web Maintenance

Easy Website Management

Content management systems (CMSs) enable you to update your website easily through your web browser. A huge range of pre-written CMS plugins is available to add functionality to your website with a few clicks. Use of pre-written plugins can save substantial time and money when building and maintaining your website. We can build you an attractive modern website using your preferred CMS. We will make good use of pre-written plugins to save you money. If pre-existing plugins don't meet your needs, we can build custom plugins to finesse your website.

Kangaweb, Web Hosting, Web Development, Web Maintenance

Improve Your Website

Let our Javascript experts uplift your website with a sharp modern look and cutting edge interactivity. We can work with any Javascript library such as React, node.JS, Angular JS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ext.JS, JSON, AJAX, Meteor,js and more. We will complete the Javascript coding process with rigorous cross-browser testing to ensure every visitor to your website gets a similarly slick experience.

Kangaweb, Web Hosting, Web Development, Web Maintenance

Hard Core Coding

Do you have a predilection for Python? Would you prefer we code in Perl? Or do you need old Perl scripts converted to a more current language like PHP? These sorts of technologies are old favourites here at Kangaweb. Our developers will delight in completing your Python, Perl and Linux shell scripting projects.

Kangaweb, Web Hosting, Web Development, Web Maintenance

Beautiful Websites, Apps and Printed Material

Impress your customers and improve your bottom line with a beautiful modern website, app interface or printed materials. Our talented designers inject creativity and finesse into every web and mobile project we undertake. If you wish, our design team can prepare a free JPEG mock-up design for you before you pay a cent. If you don't love the mock-up design you don't need to move forward. Please check out our sample designs or contact us to find out more about how we can help.

Kangaweb, Web Hosting, Web Development, Web Maintenance

Android and iOS Mobile Apps

We can build standalone mobile apps or apps that interact with your website back-end systems. Our design team will create a slick modern interface for your app and our developers will implement all the functionality you require to make a positive impact in the market. We can integrate your mobile apps and website to provide your customers with a cohesive and satisfying experience.

Sample Designs

Our Process: How We Meet Your Needs

We listen and understand then plan.

Our process starts with learning about your needs. We will strive to understand what you are looking to achieve, how you deliver value to your customers and what needs to be done to impress your customers when they interact with the systems we build for you. We talk less, listen more and do not intimidate you with geek gibberish (unless you want us to do so). We will hear you out and ask the right questions and then present to you a game plan.

No-obligation mock-up design for free

We want you to be super comfortable with your choice to have us complete your project. With that in mind, we will provide an obligation-free mock-up design before you pay a cent. The mock-up should give you a clear idea of what your website, web app or mobile app will look like. Naturally we do not create free mock-ups of the entire system - we provide one or two screens to demonstrate what we can do for you. You can then decide whether to engage us to complete the project. If you choose not to proceed then you won't pay a cent (but cannot use our mock-ups in that case).

We only commit what we can achieve

Along with the mock-up design, we will provide you with a detailed quote. In most cases, we are able to provide multiple price options so that you can select an approach that fits your budget. The total price will be split across important milesones so you only pay for each milestone once we have delivered the goods. Our quote will also estimate the time required to complete your project. If you accept the quote, we put our best brains to work for you and we will update you regularly as the work proceeds.

We emphasise the user experience

We want your customers to love the systems we build for you. We understand that the success of each web and mobile system depends heavily on how easily the user is able to interact with the system to achieve the desired results. Intuitive and attractive user interface design is one of the keys to capturing customer delight and delighting your customers is our goal.

We deliver what we commit

We know that you rely on us to deliver a quality product on time. We are compulsively reliable and we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that we don't let you down. Once your new system is ready we work with you to ensure the new website or application is launched smoothly. We can handle all the technical aspects of this if you wish.

We are a partner you can trust

We believe in building ongoing relationships and have been providing consistently high-quality service to customers since 1998. Please be sure to check out our Testimonials Page which lists just some of the positive feedback we have received from our loyal customer base. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon too. If you have questions or would like us to provide a quote for your project then please submit the form below and we will get back to you promptly.

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